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Updated: 10 min 29 sec ago

As Good an Attorney General as We’re Likely to Get

26 min 43 sec ago
William Barr’s statements raise serious questions, but he appears far more qualified than the other candidates Trump reportedly considered for the post.

How To Sing

2 hours 14 min ago
Melinda Josie

from a hymnal

Moderately slow
Moderately fast
With vigor
In flowing style
Well marked
With dignity
With great dignity
Joyously, but not too fast
With stately vigor
Rather slowly
Not too slowly
With joyous dignity
With movement
With flow

Letters: ‘Dingell Has Hit on a Solution to Cut the Gordian Knot’

6 hours 14 min ago
Readers respond to John D. Dingell’s proposal for how to fix Congress.

The Haunting Last Letters of Sylvia Plath

6 hours 14 min ago
As tragedy approaches, she is stricken, broken—and at the height of her artistic powers.

The Benefits of a Foreign-Language Tattoo

7 hours 14 min ago
Even when it goes wrong, body art in another tongue can be a good thing. An Object Lesson.

Arab Countries Are a Minefield for Scholars

8 hours 14 min ago
Matthew Hedges wasn’t the first academic to stand accused of espionage, and he won’t be the last.

Comey Testified That We’ve Become ‘Numb’ to Trump’s Lies

9 hours 14 min ago
During a closed-door hearing on Friday, an FBI official accompanying him also confirmed that the special counsel is pursuing a possible obstruction of justice case against the president.

The Mysterious Return of Manafort’s ‘Russian Brain’

9 hours 14 min ago
Mueller says the former Trump campaign chairman repeatedly lied about his interactions with Konstantin Kilimnik, a man with ties to Russian intelligence.

Mitch McConnell Appears to Be Killing Bipartisan Sentencing Reform

9 hours 14 min ago
Advocates claim that the bill would pass with a supermajority in the Senate, but the majority leader says it’s dividing his caucus.

The Death of Democracy in Hong Kong

9 hours 14 min ago
Four years later, it’s clear that the reforms advocated by 2014’s youth-led, pro-democracy protest movement won’t take shape.

The 22 Best TV Shows of 2018

9 hours 14 min ago
The new and returning series that stood out the most

Trump’s ‘Da Nang Dick’ Tweets and the Definition of Hypocrisy

Sat, 2018-12-08 16:54
The president called out Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal for misrepresenting his Vietnam service, without reference to his own misrepresentations or his medical exemption for bone spurs.

John Kelly Couldn't Fix the Trump Presidency

Sat, 2018-12-08 13:46
Under Kelly’s guidance, the White House functioned more effectively than it had during the tenure of his predecessor—yet it still remained unfathomably chaotic.

The Strongest Evidence Yet for a Highly Controversial Addiction Treatment

Sat, 2018-12-08 08:00
When other approaches fail, the most effective way to fight a heroin addiction can be heroin itself.

What Do Students Do When a For-Profit College Closes?

Sat, 2018-12-08 07:00
Unfortunately, they may not be able to do much.

How Barry Jenkins Turned His James Baldwin Obsession Into His Next Movie

Sat, 2018-12-08 07:00
The If Beale Street Could Talk director discusses why his new film was harder to make than Moonlight, how he brought 1970s Harlem to life, and what kind of “chemistry” he wants between his actors.

The U.S. Is Paying More Than It Bargained for in the Yemen War

Sat, 2018-12-08 06:00
The Pentagon says that “errors in accounting” mean Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have not been properly charged for  refueling.

Lauren Daigle and the Lost Art of Discernment

Sat, 2018-12-08 06:00
The Christian musician says she is unsure about the morality of LGBT relationships. Not all her fans are prepared to accept that.

John Leguizamo’s Required Reading for America

Sat, 2018-12-08 06:00
Inspired by his one-man show, Latin History for Morons, the comedian recommends three books that challenge one-sided narratives of the past.

Manafort, Cohen, and Individual 1 Are in Grave Danger

Sat, 2018-12-08 05:00
Robert Mueller is closing in on the president and all his men.